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Nice Comments on “LOVE”

Zardari sms

Nice Comments
on “LOVE”.

Mohabat Aankh
Sy Nahi Dil Sy Dekhti Hy

Jo Baar Baar
Mohabat Karty Hein Wo Mohabat Karna Nahi Janty

Mohabat Wo Kheil Hy Jis Mein Aqal Haar Jaati Hy

Dil Ki Hazar
Aankhien Hoti Hein
Magar Wo Mehboob
K Aeib Ko Nahi Dekh Sakti

Mohabat Sachi Hovay Ya Na Hovay Per Bachi Ameer Hovay=’

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some Deep Thoughts

Reality of Life sms

Deep Thoughts

1. No one is ever buzy in his/her life, its all about priorities.

2. Love doesn’t start in morning n doesn’t end in evening.
It starts when U don’t need it n it ends when U need it most.

3. Tears dont come when U miss a person but they come when you dont want to miss a person.

4. “Never raise ur voice, Just improve the quality of ur Argument”

5. Life iS Much Like Facebook..
People Will Like ur Problems n Comment But No one Gonna Solve Them Because Everybody Seems So Busy In Updating Their Own Status”

6. You regularly Text your friends, They do not reply you. But if you Text them from new Number, everyone will Reply that , Who are you? People Have time for Unknown,
But not for Known.

This Is Theory Of Life.!
Have nice day.

Funny sms

Height of Facebook Addiciti0n:

A b0y’s fb status
I’m onLine on fb during Lecture hahaha* πŸ™‚

Comment fr0m his pr0fess0r:
*Get out of the cLass n0w* :-p

Dean Liked comment! πŸ˜‰

Friend commented:
*jaLdi aa yar, cafe may fit mahoL hy* πŸ˜€

Gate keeper’s comment:
*Saab pehLe idhar aa k apni bike Lock kardein*

Mom commented:
*NaLaik cLass ni parhni toh sabzi Le k seedha ghar wapis aa..* =)

DaD cOmmented:
Dkhlo apne betay ki harkatain :-//

G.f cOmmented: I Hate U! :@ kamine mUjhse kaha tha Dadi hOsPitaL may hyn miL nai sakta*

Dadi cOmmented:
ManhOos tU ghar aa batati hOoN tUjhe*


Question SMS

“Me kis kaam mein expert hon . .???”
1,ksi ka dil jeetny me?
2,ksi ko dost bnany me?
3,ksi ko khush karny me?
4,ksi ko pagal banany me?
5,ksi ka dil t0rne me?
6,ksi ko apna bnane me?
7,ksi ko tapane me?
8,style marne me?
9:Pyar se bat krne mn
10:Dost bnane mn
Apney sab dooston ko bhejain aur mazey k comments collect kare
BT reply me 1st

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